Kintes Technology Company is a branch company belong to Sichuan Jinlei Heavy Industry Co., Ltd and specialized in making abrasive and heat resistant castings for heavy industry. Kintes is one of the world's leading suppliers of wear-resistant and heat-resistant castings to the Scrap Industry, Mining Industry and Cement Industry. The company mainly supplies steel castings, wear parts to essentially any aspect of the basic Industry throughout the world.

“Create success by creating value for customer.” is the mission of all Kintes staff. We have the tradition of keep close contact with our customers and keep in mind of customers’ requirements all the time. This tradition combined our powerful ​

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research development capabilities, we successfully developed many type of manganese steel alloys and low alloy steel like Mn23, Mn20Cr3 and material for stepped hardness shredder hammers, etc. which applied for different industries. At present, we not only have the advanced production technology of wear-resistant low alloy steel spare parts in the industries of mines and scrap metal recycling, but also we can provide customers with complete solutions. So as to create more value for customers, it also won a broader domestic and international markets for Kintes.  

Kintes and parent company JINLEI Heavy Industry equipped VOD, LF, induction furnace, spectrometer and electric heat treatment furnace; we have ultrasonic inspection, X-ray inspection and magnetic inspection and other non-destructive testing capabilities. We have mechanical testing, impact testing, hardness testing and metallographic analysis capabilities. 

In 2017, the company modernized its old factory and renovated its factory building. At the same time, we purchased the well-known MAGMA simulation software. Continual investment were made only to reduce production costs, shorten the deliver time, ensure the quality, and thus create more value for our customers.