For Kintes, the concept of sustainability has gained popular support in our company. At Kintes, promoting sustainable development is no longer a mere consideration of the impact on the environment, rather, it requires the integration of sustainability into the fundamental management, technology development and product innovation of enterprises. Because it will ensure Kintes company business long life and will ensure our ability to manage future challenges of all aspects. As a company that provides wear-resistant solutions and services in the scrap metal recycling, mining and cement industries around the world, Kintes keeps its mission “continuously create value for customers, strive for excellence” in mind.​​


Lean management, the pursuit of excellence:

For Kintes, our factory produces castings of various types of alloy steels, high manganese steels and other materials for our customers worldwide. In factory management, we strive to further refine our management work, strive to effectively control our production costs, continuously optimize production methods, and strive to improve our production efficiency so as to provide a cost-effective product to customer. For example, in the control of the production cost of smelting, we will now make our charge matching with the production plan in advance so that we can ensure the best cost of materials and, on the other hand, reduce the smelting time. There are many examples in Kintes Company. These efforts have only effectively reduced energy consumption but also effectively saved our valuable natural resources. At the same time, these efforts also give us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective products.


Environmental and Climate:

As a responsible and ISO 14001-certified company, The Kintes' factory strives to reduce our environmental and climate impact. Since the beginning of our factory design and put into production, we have been constantly thinking about how to reduce the dust, reduce noise, reduce emissions, energy saving and other work on the environment, climate and employee occupational health benefits.


In the past few years, we have introduced the advanced molding production line and equipped with the environmental protection facilities in the modeling process. In the smelting process, we have introduced a new generation of smelting systems. The newly introduced system not only saves energy and reduces emissions, but also has an advanced environmental dust collecting system and a waste recovery system. We have set up a number of separate and relatively closed grinding workroom for the cleaning of the castings process, where the corresponding dedusting and muffling facilities are equipped. For domestic sewage, we have also established a multi-level water treatment system to ensure that there is as little impact on the environment and climate as possible.


Safety and Health:

For Kintes company, sustainable development is not just a harmonious coexistence with nature, but also to ensure the long-term development of our entire enterprise. Therefore KINTES's factory attaches great importance to occupational health and safety management system. Because we understand that a healthy employee is a KINTES company's wealth and a cornerstone of a company's sustainability.


At KINTES, we not only emphasize the wear of PPE, but now we are even more focused on strengthening the occupational health and safety management system and ensuring employees are involved in management activities in their day-to-day operations so that employees' health and safety are protected , so that the core of the company's long-term sustainable development be protected.


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