Quality is the first priority at Kintes, Kintes quality assurance procedures insure that our processes are aligned in order to produce high quality parts. For example, all our new products we need to conduct samples’ trial development procedure, only all the testing results meet our quality standards, the foundry can start mass production. In addition, all Kintes castings have a unique tracing number or ID, which help us to connect production records. 

In 2017, MAGMASOFT casting simulation is employed to verify the gating and riser design that is critical to get a soundness castings. As you know, MAGMASOFT simulation software affords Fisher the ability to simulate pouring a casting before real-time manufacturing in the foundry. In addition, Kintes can handle nearly all NDT requirements for castings and fabrication. 

Non-Destructive Testing Included:
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection
X-ray Inspection
Liquid Penetrant Inspection


Other Testing Include:
Tensile Testing
Impaction Testing
Hardness Testing
Metallography ​

Quality Assurance

Manufacturing Capabilities