Kintes owns abundant experience in manufacture of wear resistant and heat resistant steel parts for metal recycling industry, mining and cement industry. We have provide low alloy steel hammers, grids, anvils and roof cover, linings, end disk caps, rotor caps to automobile and scrap metal shredding yards many years, and our wear parts have been proved cost-effective. Currently, we can provide both full harden and differential heat treat (DHT) or called differential hardened alloy hammers in the field of metal recycling shredders. 

Our main equipment:
·  1 sets of 1.5 tons furnace, 1 sets of 2 tons furnace, 1 sets of 6t furnace and 1 sets of 10tons furnace,  LF,  VOD.
·  7 sets of heat treatment furnace.
·  3 sets of molding line with 7 mixers separately, 3 molding areas. 
·  2 sets of shot blast machine
·  Spectrometer, UT, MT, X-ray, mechanical test machine, hardness test machine, impact test machine, metallographic analysis machine
·  5 tons to 80 tons crane
·  15 sets of different type of machining tools 

Our alloys include:
·  Austenitic manganese steel
·  High chromium alloy irons
·  High strength martensitic steels
·  Chromium molybdenum steels
·  Heat resistant stainless steels
·  Carbon steels


* Capacity:    
·  3000 tons per year of manganese steels and high chromium irons wear castings (cones, mantle, jaws, blow bar, mill liners, etc.)
·  5000 tons high strength martensitic steels (DHT hammers, full harden hammer, grate, anvil, roof cover, walls, caps, SAG liners, grinding mill liners, etc.)
·  15000 tons carbon steels, chromium molybdenum steels and stainless steels

* Minimum and Maximum Weight Per Piece:    
1 kg – 25000 kg / per piece 

Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities