Kintes and parent company JINLEI own two foundry plant, totally around 35,000 square meters. Our foundry plants equipped advanced induction furnace, LF, VOD, X-ray test machine, spectrometer imported from Italy and transfer trolley which can load 50 tons maximum, etc. In 2015, we started to build an annual output of 15000 tons sands castings foundry plant of 28,000 square meters, which plant is 2 km from Weiyuannan toll gate of G97 express way. In June 2017, we standardized the first factory building, re-planned the layout of the plant, and newly introduced heat treatment furnaces and water treatment systems, newly invested more advanced smelting furnace and sands production line. At present, our foundry plants can cast a single casting from 2kg to 15,000kg. Annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. 


Kintes can offer both cost-effective rapid prototyping foam patterns for small quantity large castings as well as long life wooden patterns and super long life metal patterns for mass production in house, our customers can choose the best option to fit cost and lead time of the their orders. Our pattern workshop has a separate warehouse of about 5,000 square meters, currently holds tens of thousands of varieties of pattern, with as many as 500 designs added each year. Whether you need to quickly develop casting samples with our rapid prototyping foam patterns or just simply modify our existing patterns, our pattern workshop can meet your needs in a short period of time. There not only has a lot of experienced patternmakers in our workshop, but also equipped with CNC machining center, rapid prototyping foam patterns manufacturing center and other advanced production equipment. 


Our foundry is familiar with these alloys like ASTM A128, GX130 MNCR12.2, ScHMn11, alloy steel like AISI 8620, 8630, 4340, ASTM A 148, A216, A217, A27, BS 3100, DIN-EN-10213, 5CrNiMo.


As a leading enterprise in R&D, product manufacturing and quality assurance in China, Kintes reaches the advanced international level and is a minority of domestic enterprises capable of producing ultra-high-strength alloy step hardness hammer and Mn23 ultra-high manganese steel castings. 

Foundry Plant

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