More than 200 shredders will running in China at the end of 2018

How many metal scrap shredder runing in China now? It is estimated that the numbers of metal scrap shredders in China will have soared to more than 200 compared at the end of 2018. At the BIR Ferrous Division meeting, George Adams had indicated that China could install as many as 500 shredders ultimately. This growth of China markets needs of shredders gives all the big players of metal crushers’ builders’ important chance to enter Chinese markets. According to Chinese CMRA latest publications, DANIELI and NEWELL has assembling factory in China, Metso and CHENG HO HSING has sales office of shredders in China many years before, but so far as Sichuan Kintes statistics from our salesmen, most shredders are been built by Hubei Lidi company and Huahong Company, they covered more than 90% of Chinese markets. Other big shredders are mainly import from USA and Taiwan.
Now, there are many Chinese factories going to enter the markets of shredders manufacturing, but they mainly focus on small sizes machine like 200 HP and 400 HP, only HUBEI LIDI and HUAHONG are able to supply heavy duty metal shedders above 4000 HP.

2021-02-22 23:16


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